Snow and Inclement Weather Policy  (updated January 2017)

Calvary United Methodist Church will be closed and all events cancelled when there is significant inclement weather. When the church is closed, the building will remain locked for the entire day and the church is not responsible for the condition of the parking lot.  We ask that the lot be free of cars and all traffic so that snow can be promptly removed and surfaces treated. 

The Church will post closure information on the church website and the voicemail at the church 301-829-0358 by 7:30 AM.  

Generally, the church will be closed on a business day with BOTH Carroll AND Frederick County Public Schools are closed on account of the weather.  When snow occurs on an evening, weekend or holiday the church will be closed at the discretion of the facilities manager and pastor (which may be different than the school's decision). 
If there is a delayed opening announced for either Frederick OR Carroll County Public Schools, the church building will be closed until noon that day.  

If conditions change during the day, notifications will be made on our church website and announced on the voicemail by pushing #3 for cancellations.