As approved at the Church Council meeting January 20th, 2020 these goals are intended to provide specific guidance and focus for the Pastor, staff, ministries, mission, and committees within Calvary for 2020.

 All ministries, missions, and committees are encouraged to created goals to support the 2020 Church-wide goals

Leadership Development

Equip and mentor leaders and future leaders.  An intentional effort to look at each position and ensure that those leading and doing the work of the church have the tools, skills, and support they need to do Christ’s work effectively.  This will be accomplished through mentorship (utilizing institutional knowledge) and outside resources as time, budgets, and availability permit. 

Engage in the spiritual discipline of justice

by being rooted in building relationships and creating a culture that allows all persons and cultures to feel safe in having needed conversations and confronting racism and discrimination of all kinds.

Engage in and grow in the spiritual discipline of stewardship

through a dedicated, year-long stewardship campaign which will help Calvary learn more about stewardship as well as frequently highlight how Calvary serves the world.