Masks are currently required within Calvary facilities with the following exception:



That singing/speaking without masks in worship service will be permitted for the Worship Band, Choir, and speakers at the Podium (and other special music/soloists) during their specific time in the service (“performance”) and during practice provided:

1. All individuals have been vaccinated OR are confirmed as recovered from COVID

2. Vocalists/speakers will remove masks only while singing, others will remain masked

3. Participants will social distance as possible given the specific space

Those speaking at the podium will be permitted to lower their mask once at the podium, and return it before leaving.

All who participate are asked not to visit Calvary facilities regardless of vaccination status if they are experiencing any ONE of the following: fever of 100 or higher, sore throat, cough, difficulty breathing, diarrhea or vomiting, new onset of severe headache (especially with fever), or new loss of taste or smell and should receive a negative PCR test or clearance from a health professional prior to returning.

Any participant who later has symptoms, is awaiting test results, or tests positive should notify their group leader immediately.