The Safe Church Committee (SCC) at Calvary was formed in February 2018, at the request of the Church Council Chair.  As a sub –committee of the Trustees Committee, the SCC was tasked with assessing potential safety problems and developing methods of preventing or dealing with these problems if they occur. Assessing Calvary’s readiness to deal with fire, natural disasters, and power outages and developing related procedures are a function of the committee as well.

Since the committee was begun, the first focus has been on how to deal with the threat of an active assailant.  Because this is a global issue, the SCC held a program on this topic to help local church leaders develop methods that would deal with an active assailant.  It was presented by the MD State Police and facilitated by the Mt. Airy Police Department (MAPD).  This program drew 33 churches from Thurmont to Owings Mills and over 100 participants.
The purpose, goals, and objectives of the SCC have been developed.  A Layered Greeting Ministry has been instituted.  Procedures have been put into place for this Ministry.  Layered Greeter volunteers from the congregation will be the first welcoming faces seen by those who come to our Sunday services.  They will also be observant and will have the capability of reporting anything suspicious.  Our first group of Greeters has received their training from the MAPD and the SCC members.  More Greeters are needed and training is available to anyone who would like to join the Layered Greeting Ministry.
Consider joining the Layered Greeting Ministry! You’re very welcome to contact any of the SCC members to discuss this ministry.
SCC members are:
Terri Giambarresi
Chair Anne Bryant
Bobby Lach
Pat Murphy
Judy Ricketts
Kevin Buker, ex Officio