Who Are We?

Church-Wide Study

Schedule for Part 1

Who Are We as a People of God

  October 11, 2020 – November 15th, 2020

Click the title to go to the material for that week.  These dates are the Sunday that the class will discuss that material.
Week 1 October 11 Exploring the Nature of God
Week 3 October 25 Remembering Our Story
Week 5 November 8 Visioning and Prophesying
Week 6 November 15 Liberating

Church- Wide Study


A Journey from Head to Heart


Along with many other United Methodist churches in the Baltimore-Washington Conference, we will participate in this church-wide study that will explore the heart of our faith.


October 11-November 15  Who Are We as the People of God?

January 3 – February 17   Who Are We as the People Called Methodists?

April 11- May 16    Who Are We as the People of the Baltimore-Washington Conference?


The T.G.I.S. (Thank God It’s Sunday) Class and the Going Deeper Sunday AM Class will be facilitating this study on Sunday mornings at 10:00AM. For the zoom link or the dial in phone number to join either of these classes please contact:


ZOOM links can be found in the 411 or by contacting:

T.G.I.S. Class: Dave Meadows dnmeadows@aol.com

Going Deeper Class: Ian Adams  iadams0330@gmail.com


You do not need to purchase a book to participate in this study. Videos, scripture readings, discussion questions and additional resources can be found here


If you do not have access to a computer and would like hard copies of the curriculum, please contact Kathy Barna at 240-285-7901 or Kathy@calvary-mtairy.org.

Want more information? Contact Kathy Barna, Director of Spiritual Formation